Why We Visit Everest Base Camp?

Why We Visit Everest Base Camp?

It is difficult and will not get the proper answer of Why visit? It depends on what the trekkers assume or how they dream about the Everest base camp. Some trekkers enjoy the Himalayan view, and others enjoy the core culture and practices.

Every year thousands of tourists visit Everest Base Camp with a different goal. Everest Base Camp is not only for trekking but also has been famous as the wedding spot, dating location, and nest of a couple of lovely birds. Since 2015, we have also done a couple of wedding programs in Everest. The most significant was the wedding of the gay couple at Everest Base Camp. Every year thousands of married or unmarried couples visit the EBC either for a date or to exchange the ring with the witness of the giant peak of Mt. Everest. Many of the trekkers trek only for reaching base camp. Others may visit to see the campsite and climbing arrangement.

Gay Wedding in Everest

As per our experiences, trekkers also visit the EBC to explore Sherpa architects, and he does not care for the Himalayas and the weather. He was enjoying the holidays by capturing photos of doors and windows. Some visit Everest to Kiss their beloved in front of Mt. Everest. If they could not see Mt. Everest, that was disappointed for them whether they saw other mountains or not, do they do not have any interest in others such as architects, culture or costumes.

When is the best time to visit Everest Base Camp?

Every month is possible to visit EBC, though Spring and Autumn are considered the peak season. Generally, the Summer and Winter are less flow on trekking. The core climbers who are visiting Spring and mid-Autumn. Trekkers visit EBC almost throughout the year.

Who can visit EBC?

Everyone can visit the base camp, though the age may play a role. Generally, from 13 to 65 years old person can trek over there. But it requires good health and mental conditions. We have to be able to carry a small day pack with a water bottle and a few chocolates etc.

Everest Base Camp Trekking Photos

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