A Nomadic Mind: How Mountain Adventure Can Change the Way You Think

A Nomadic Mind: How Mountain Adventure Can Change the Way You Think

We travel to see something new and experience a new life. The act of traveling may transform your perspective on the world and the way you think.We decide to travel and go somewhere. We plan the trip and get excited about getting closure dates of departure. Possibilities in travel seem endless. Anything could happen! Mountain Adventure can change our lives.

Finally, we go. We have a good time in the mountain but sometimes it will not. We enjoy it differently with a free mind. No torture, no more emails and phone calls from work. After a couple of weeks in the mountains, we return home. Share the photos and recounts the experience with friends, family, and relatives. Again, back to the schedule and working life. We start weaving the dreams of the next adventure. Somehow it can be painful because it is like a dream or watching a movie.

Traveling and exploring are the opium of life. If you start then, it always pushes up to go somewhere, to explore something. We go Everest trekking region; there are multiple trekking routes with different mountains with diverse angles. So, to complete the Everest Region also need to stay a couple of months, which is impossible on a trip. And also, it is a different experience in the different seasons; Spring, Monsoon, Autumn, and Winter.

We travel to the Himalayas with the aim of, dream but sometimes it can change the way of thinking about the trip to the Himalayas. What do we think or what do we see; that transforms our perspective on the Mountain Adventure. That’s why it is opium and make addict to us travel time and again.

Trekking in the High Himalayas is not easy, and we should always be careful when traveling in the Mountains. From all aspects of possible dangers: Raining, Snowing, Avalanches, HACE, HAPE, etc.

Everybody knows Nepal is the kingdom of the Himalayas. Yes, it is the kingdom of the Himalayas. Besides the Himalayas, Nepal has a different experience of culture, religion, and landscapes. That’s why everybody loves to travel to Nepal. Once is not enough for Nepal.

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