Do I Need Acclimatization Hike in Everest Base Camp Trek?

Do I Need Acclimatization Hike in Everest Base Camp Trek?

Yes, the acclimatization hike is mandatory for especially new trekkers. Acclimatization is the process of becoming accustomed to a new climate. Everest trekking is the trek in the high Himalayas. Most of the trekkers have not been at high elevations on foot. It is not effortless for all trekkers hiking in the high Himalayas. To fit the body with the new climate, we have to go slowly and adapt. The ignorance of adaption can be the cause of acute mountain sickness. Each trekker has to be careful at high altitudes trekking. Acute mountain sickness (AMS) may be felt from above 3000m of sea level. That’s why everybody has to listen to the symptoms of high altitude and try to reduce them while trekking. Walking slow, drinking plenty of water and fluid, and having a rest, acclimatization hike is the basic but crucial of trekking.

AMS is because of reduced air pressure and lowers oxygen levels at high altitudes. So, to maintain the air pressure and oxygen level at high elevation, we have to hike and try to fit with the elevation. Hike up to the next day’s level elevation and down to the lower elevation overnight. Acclimatization hikes are strongly recommended for every trekker. Few regular hikers may skip the hikes but you should not. Nowadays, people are skipping the acclimatization hike to shorten the trek, which is not fit all, and ruined the entire dream. An improper itinerary may spoil the dream so make it properly with maintaining your standard. First, ask yourself, Who I am?, How much do I know about the Himalayas? Is it my first trip to High Himalayas?

In the standard Everest Base Camp trek, there are mainly two hikes: Syanboche Airport / Khumujung Hike from Namche Bazaar (3441m) and Nangkartshang Peak (5090) hike from Dingboche (4350m). The first acclimatization hike is Syngboche, Khumjung Village, and Everest View Hotel. Which starts from Namche Bazaar (3,441m) and reaches (3,880m). You will reach a similar height to Tengboche Hill (3,880m) (Tengboche Monastery).

Nangkartshang Peak (5090m) is a popular hiking trail in Everest Region. Most of the trekkers hike up to Nangkartshang Peak (5,090m), who are doing Everest Base Camp Trek (5,365m). On the 6th day of the trek, we reach Dingboche Valley. Dingboche (4,341m) is a junction of Everest Base Camp (5,365m), Island Peak, and Kong Ma La Pass (5,540m). It is the second acclimatization hike of the Everest Base Camp trek, first, we have in Namche Bazaar (3,441m).

So, an acclimatization hike is important for each trekker. We strongly recommend following the Standard Itinerary.

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