Nepal is a natural paradise country. But it is under developing so needs the volunteer to help the kids and community. Take a teaching challenge in Nepalese schools, get involved in the project focusing on women empowerment, gives hands to help where it is most needed.

Prospect of Volunteer

The volunteer program is designed in regards to bringing the synchronized efforts of experts from the different sectors in the common platform to triumph the mission. During the project, the volunteers get the chance to experience Nepalese life-hood and cultures.

School Educations, Health, Community Development, Forest Conservation, Agriculture, Culture Preservation and Fund Raising and Maintenance of the Drinking Water resources are the main sections that the volunteer can do.


Nepal’s schools are open Sunday to Friday in a week and from 10 AM to 4 PM, 6hrs, in a day. The volunteer can teach in a school 2-4 hours in a day, and also required a good command of Spoken and Written English. The volunteer teacher does not require the previous teaching experience but needs to creative teaching process such as; Word Game, Drawing Pictures, Rhymes of Body name’s, month’s days etc.

Women Empowerment

With the aim to improve the educational status, build up the self-reliant, confidence of local community women, give some training of conversational English, create the workshop of vocal training, learning activities, give the awareness program about the rights of women and duties and responsibilities of women.

Child Care

To bring the changes in the child living standard of local kids, we can operate various workshops as the volunteer. You will get a hand on helping out and providing the all-inclusive approach to childcare. By nurturing each child emotional, educational, social and cognitive growth that brings lasting changes in their lives. Teaching alphabets, assist the basic math, playing games, singing, painting, help in the mid-day meal are the possible works on the behalf of kids in Nepal.

Health Camps

The program will be held on these rural towns where the people are suffering from the lack of health institution and awareness education program. Many Nepalese people are unable to check up the health conditions and also dominated with superstition and orthodox thinking. Even in this era most of the people from rural village goes to the shaman to treatment and some of them dies avoiding the modern hospital and medication. So, the mission is to change the thought of people and encourage modern medication.

Apex the Asia Holidays always welcomes to all interested and experienced health and medical science including the Students of Medical Science, Personnel of the Health and Medicine and other groups related to health, medicine, pharmacy, microbiology etc. to volunteer in our Health Camps.