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It is one of the best single tracks of Kathmandu valley. The track is mixed with off road trails. The meandering track goes through the semi-rural village with outstanding views of local houses, terrace field, and the Himalayas.


The main commencing point of the track is Balaju, which is located to west from Thamel.


The place Mudkhu is popular with mountain bikers. Every day many cyclists ride on the route, and the cafeteria along the route is the resting place in Mudkhu.

The trail reaches Budhanilkantha by crossing many villages like Chaurgoan, Jhor, and Tokha.

The track goes through the Bhootkhel, a local ground where locals play football. The views of the blue sky and the Himalayas towards the north are always attractive. From Jhor, you can take some snapshots of Kathmandu and unsung beauty of the town. Eventually, you will reach Budhanilkantha.

Budhanilkantha is a Hindu temple located at the base of Shivapuri Hill, the northern part of Kathmandu Valley. The literal meaning of the temple is an old blue throat. The name Nilakantha was given after Lord Shiva swallowed poison, which arose during the Samundra Manthan for Amrit.

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Accommodation: Hotel

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Meals included: Breakfast