Responsible Travel Guide

Responsible Travel Guide


The word responsible is a buzzing word in the travel industry. Responsible Travel, Sustainable Travel, Ethical Travel, Eco-friendly Travel are frequently buzzing in the industry. But what does it mean to travel responsibly? Responsible travel is a term for many ethical issues like wildlife tourism, volunteer travel, conservation, environmental issues; the topic considers how to protect and improve the world we live in and travel through. Responsible Tourism is all about making better places to live and visit. To build up sustainable tourism, each participant should take responsibility and action.


Yes, you can. For that, you have to follow the simple guidelines when you travel. It can make a real difference to the environment and lives of the local people.


Every nation has its own national culture, and it has specific characteristics and cultural history and traditions. Nepalese culture is remarkably different from western cultures. Nepalese loves to show that culture and share the experience with the tourists. We expect our clients to have exposure to Nepali culture and experience it. Meeting and interacting with the local people and experiencing cultures are often the most memorable highlights of a trip to Nepal. Deep into the culturally conscious activities, such as visiting villages, home-stay, trying local cuisine, and learning about traditional crafts, learning greetings in native languages makes your holidays immortal.


Our ecotourism exercise is going on to improve the way of traveling in minimizing the impact on the environment. The main issue of developing countries is waste management, so we would like to request you to do your part to reduce the amount you create. The green principles that you follow at home should apply in traveling.
  • Buy reusable water bottles and bags. In addition, you can use water filters or purifiers when traveling, so you always have access to drinking water and eliminate the need to buy plastic bottles.
  • Please think about using eco-friendly beauty products, such as natural sunscreens, etc.
  • Try to minimize water and electricity usage even both are freely available they might be inadequate resources in the area.
  • Carry a shopping bag with you to reduce the use of plastic bags.
  • Opt for sit-down meals instead of takeaways to avoid accumulating single-use containers.
  • Choose walking or biking tours – instead of bus or motorcycle tours – to explore the local attractions.


Airplanes have been producing millions of tons of carbon dioxide, and this greenhouse gas is supporting rising global temperatures. But a traveler can do to reduce the carbon dioxide while traveling.
  • By booking direct flights instead of transit.
  • Minimizing your luggage weight, you can buy the local stuff in the local market.
  • Fly in economy class rather than business class.


After you get exposure to the knowledge and experience about responsible travel, you can share and spread it. Discuss your trip with friends and family and let them know about the importance of responsible travel. You can also read this article [How to Reduce Co2 emission while Traveling in Nepal?]

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While traveling in a small group of up to 15 people gives an opportunity of making lifelong friendships. We can appreciate more intimate, personal connections, share experiences, and cherish memories.

Local Guides

We employ all local guides and porters because of their local knowledge expertise. They can deliver first-hand information to our valuable clients. And trekking in High Himalayas, the local guides and porters can lead you even in the extreme weather and conditions. In addition, we aim to employ the local guides to enhance their skill and empowerment them. We are always concerned about the local community to improve and support them through tourism.

Health and Saftey

Your safety is our top priority. Our trained and experienced team is always concerned with providing fresh and hygienic food, keeping First Aid, 24/7 communication services, and more. Before commencing the trek or tour, we always make sure whether the clients have good enough equipment, clothes or not.

Responsible for Tourism

Responsible tourism is significantly important because it becomes the responsibility of each individual in the tourism industry. Our dependency is on the existing environment we talk about business or livelihood. We focused on our policy to organize outdoor packages that leave less carbon footprint as possible.

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