Nepal is a historical country in the world. Prehistory Neolithic tools found that people have been living in Kathmandu for at least 9,000 years. It is the birth land of Lord Gautam Buddha. Also one of the never colonized countries in the world. That’s why educational tour in Nepal is good spot in the world.

Students are taking photo in Tribhuwan International Airport. Educational Tour in Nepal

Educational tour is a tour which have to deliver some knowledge to the students. Every region of Nepal have linked with history which must have to disclosed to all. There are some spots in Kathmandu which has very ancient history such as Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhu Stupa etc. Swayambhu Stupa is the oldest monument of Nepal. A Tibetan pilgrim Manjushree visited Nepal, he saw a lake in current Kathmandu valley. In the middle of the lake there was lotus flower he noticed and trying to get that one. He cut a gorge in Chovar and discharged the water from there. And Swoyambhu Stupa established where the lotus and later became a habitable.

Students group are enjoying in Educational Tour in Nepal with Apex Asia Holidays

Similarly, the Pashupatinath Temple have own history and Bouddha Stupa too. In Kathmandu valley there are three major Royla Palaces which was built in centuries ago. In the world Nepal has own dignity in various aspects. That is the reason to have Educational tour in Nepal. Lumbini is the point from where Buddhism exposed all over the world. It is a historical religious sites of Nepal, which is very important to learn and give knowledge to all students all over the world.

Beside the history Nepal is a very rich country in nature, religion and culture. Nepal is the home to Himalaya, where Mount Everest is stand. Similarly, other eight high Himalayas above the 8000m. Nepal is a bio diversity where is ranging from Trans Himalaya to Terai region.

Top 5 Reason to have Educational Tour in Nepal

  • To learn about the world war and role of Gurkha
  • Learn about Buddhism and explore the Lumbini
  • To know about the Hindusim
  • To know about Sherpa and Himalaya
  • What is the value of mix culture in Nepal