Do I need travel medical insurance while traveling in Nepal?

Do I need travel medical insurance while traveling in Nepal?

YES, travel medical insurance is mandatory. Life is full of uncertainties. The risks could be related to health, luggage, or your important documents. So, it is an essential investment that travelers make when they decide to travel. The policy should include good protection for overseas medical cures, evacuation, baggage and equipment, cancellation and curtailment cover, and the specific activities applied in your adventure. It is a prime factor to make a hassle-free journey. We strongly recommend you book travel insurance as soon as you book your holidays. A good travel insurance plan can relax your financial perils and help you at an overseas destination.

Different Types of Insurance Policies.

While purchasing the travel insurance, it is necessary to know the coverages types: Primary (Health Insurance) or Secondary (travel insurance). Primary (Health Insurance) will pay out before any other health insurance you have. And, if the health insurance does not provide the coverages, the secondary (travel insurance) will become primary. Another important is how often you travel in a year? You may choose a single trip plan and a multi-trip plan.

What’s May Not Covered by Insurance?

It is important! You have to be clear on what it does not cover. Some travel medical insurance policies will not cover dangerous activities such as mountain climbing, skydiving, or paragliding. Especially, trekking in the Himalayas and engaging in such activities, make sure whether these will cover or not.

Generally, travel medical insurance will not cover emergency medical costs due to intoxication or drug use. For example, if you are intoxicated and fall off a balcony, travel medical insurance may not cover the cost of your injuries.

Who Needs Travel Medical Insurance?

Even if you are fit and fine, and in good health, it is essential to have travel medical insurance. The most common overseas medical emergencies during the travel are:

  • High Altitude Sickness
  • Fractures from falls
  • Respiratory problems such as a collapsed lung
  • A cardiovascular problem such as a heart attack

If you do not have the proper coverage on your trip, you’ll be stuck paying medical bills out-of-pocket.

How Much Insurance Should You Have?

It’s a good idea to select a plan with enough coverage based on the type of trip you’re taking. For example, emergency medical evacuation from a high Himalaya base camp can cost between US $10,000 to US$ 25,000, depending on the distance from Kathmandu.

You can compare the best medical insurance companies and purchase the best one – that fits your travel location, duration, and elevation.

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