Top 3 Reasons To Hire a Trekking Guide in Nepal

Top 3 Reasons To Hire a Trekking Guide in Nepal

Why We Need Trekking Guide In Nepal? Is it important to hire a Trekking Guide? Yes, It is very much important to trek with an experienced guide while in Himalaya. Trekking guide is the person who completely navigates you. Not only this but also the friend who can be the mediator. Let’s see topic wise, “reason to hire a trekking guide in Nepal”.

1. To well Navigate and Itinerary

To successfully complete the trek we must have a plan before we leave to trek. And the plan, schedule or itinerary should be perfect and well managed. Nowadays, the proposed itinerary can be found on a different website in a second but to find out what is the standard is not easy. Even if we find out that will not be covered all attractions. And, also that itinerary we got from the internet is fixed and can’t change ourselves. So, for the anyhow trek with a guide will be good and safe.


Because the trail of the mountain is not fixed, yes destination is fixed but the route can be changed. For example, all we know that with a short flight from Kathmandu to Lukla we can start an Everest Trekking but what we do if the flight canceled for a few days due to the weather. In that case, if we have time and experienced guide then we can start from Jiri, or also can do some other alternative trekking route, like Annapurna, Langtang, etc.

Similarly, at the beginning of the season, the trail between Gorakhsep to Everest Base Camp can be dismissed by heavy snowing and glacier, at that time open new track to get the base camp that is only can do by a professional Trekking Guide, otherwise, ignorance can become a source of Death. In addition, if we go with an expert trekking guide we can customize the itinerary instantly.

2. Trip Book in Advanced

After planning to trek in Nepal, we can call or email to a Nepali Guide, or Nepali Travel Agency. That can be easy to book the trip and also get good information about the trip. If we arrive in Nepal without any plan that creates dilemma and doubts, because we just read about a trip or destination. But in Nepal, there are multiple trekking areas and hundreds of trekking routes. When we arrived in Nepal, we do not have booked plan than from the Airport we become confused about what to do and where to go. Because of not book in Advanced. We will meet different people and hear different routes. Instantly booking is some more costly, that can be in a high season. All the guide and porters are in a field, and if we go alone there will be the problem of accommodation, meals and also sometimes security.

So better to make the booking in time, with guide and porter.

3. To Communicate and Share the Cultures with Locals

Trekking in the new location is automatically hard to understand of scenario and also somehow difficult to communicate. So, highly recommended to hire a professional trekking guide for trekking. The guide will introduce with locals, shares the cultures and experience. Without a guide, we will not get all the information that we want. Like if we see something strange art on the wall, big stone or somewhere that neither can read nor understand what does that mean. And also if we try to ask with locals, neither they will understand or we will. So, we must have to trek with a guide.

Trekkers are enjjyoing along Everest Trekking Region

Finally, It is important to trek in a group with a Nepali professional guide.A well-known pro guide can save the lives. Sometime a lack of proper decision may cause of death. Every year in Nepal Himalaya there trekkers are missing only because of good decision and lack of pro level guide.

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