Hers is the most important secrets of how to Be Healthy on Trek.

It is very Important things for mountain traveler. Here are some tips on how to be healthy on the trek in Himalaya. Well, let’s see 5 special topics that make healthy on the journey of high Himalaya.

Drink Water is the main solution of being healthy during the trek

Drinking_Water_A_lot_in _Trekking

A human being needs at least 3liters of water in a general day but where you are in high altitude trekking we have to drink more than 3 liters of water in a day. In the high altitude, there is the level of oxygen content is less in the atmosphere. All we know water reserve the oxygen content. So, when we drink water it is also supplying the oxygen in our brains that make us fresh and healthy.

Eat easily digesting food

Eat Easy Food in Trekking

We eat everything to get energy. While we are in trekking, hiking, climbing whatever outdoor activities we are putting efforts. Every minute we lose energy while we are walking above the altitude of 2000m. So if we have hard food like meat, oily food that might be the cause of diarrhea, vomiting, headache and so on.

Walking in Slow Pace


Walking slowly means the body is somehow resting so we can get somehow more oxygen even in the thin air. Trekking is the combining outdoor activities of walking and hiking, which people take the multi-day program in the rural area. In Nepal, trekking is always at high altitude, the minimum is 2000m up to 5,555m. So, we have to walk slowly rather than brisk pace while we are getting altitude because in the high land our bodies become tired. And also in the atmosphere of the mountain, the oxygen content is very low, the air volume is thin.

Always keep Head and Chest Warm

Keep Warm Stay Warm during the trek

Head and Chest is the main sensitive part of our body. We must have to be careful every time. While we are trekking in high altitude there is atmosphere air is thinner and colder than lower altitude and also the oxygen content not adequate. The cold air from high Himalaya attacks unknowingly on the chest and head so we are alert to wear defensive clothes, chest guard, and warm hat, woolen hat.

Do not sleep just when you get new altitude


Every hour we are getting higher altitude. It is the most important that we keep in mind. Every trekker feels tired and wanted to take rest BUT never sleep without a walk around at least 2hrs. in a new town.