Rajesh Khanal

A Professional Tour Leader of Apex Asia Holidays

Rajesh is from a remote village of Gorkha District. He started his career with the keen interest of working in Tourism as a trekking porter.

Rajesh is born in Arupokhari 07 Gorkha, a natural amphitheater. He spends his childhood in Arughat the main trail of Manaslu Trekking. Every day he meets different foreigner in the Arughat, which impressed him and after complete school level education came in Kathmandu for his further study and work with the foreigner. Once he earned his bachelor degree then joined Hotel Radisson as the waiter. During his year of Hotel services, Rajesh served not only as a waiter but also the part of guest interaction and relation.

In addition, Rajesh has spent five years in Korea, where he has learned the Korean Culture, Language. Finally, he back to Nepal and decided to become a tourist guide, to help to expose the beauty of Nepal in the world. And, being the tourist guide he easily takes over the Korean tourist as well with the fluent language.

The interest could not compress inside so finally, he started to learn Tourist Guiding course in National Academy of Travel and Hotel Management (NATHM), at Ravibhawan Kathmandu and became the tour leader and trek leader for Nepal.

A good-looking, handsome Rajesh, always impress the clients with gesturing and the capacity of attracting the tourist, give the detail packages of information about the Nepal history, culture, and religion of Nepal.

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