Since 1950s, Nepal tourism has started. But, Western Nepal is the youngest one. From the past a decade tourist are visiting the region. The region has nine districts from north to south. Himalayas and lakes are natural beauty of the region. In the south you can visit explore the dense forest of wildlife reserve, where you will get chances of seeing Royal Bengal tiger. A monastery in upper dolpo- Western Nepal Tourism

Religion and Culture

Far Western Nepal is land of colorful and vivid culture. You can experience the Tharu culture in Terai, Hindu culture in mid mountains and Tibetan culture in the northern part.


In the south you can learn and experience of Tharu culture, and typical Nepali languages such Dotiyali, Kumauni in the middle hilly region. But in the northern part at borderline of the region people speaks Tibetan languages.


The major costumes of a THARU man consists of a Mardani (dhoti) and Phad (Kachhad- a piece of cloth worn to cover the lower part of the body). But the THARU women are completely unique compared to other tribes. Cholia (Choli) is wearing as a top, Nahagi is a white cloth dress and Uporona is the cloth wearing around the chest. Rest of the ethnic group wearing similar to the others. Tharu Dress of Nepal- Western Nepal Tourism

Tourist Attractions of Western Nepal

Rara Lake at Rara National Park – 106 km2 (41 sq mi)
Shey Phoksundo National Park – 3,555 km2 (1,373 sq mi)
Khaptad National Park – 225 km2 (87 sq mi)
Khaptad National Park Trek with Apex Asia Holidays- Western Nepal

Khaptad Lake -Khaptad National Park

Shuklaphanta National Park – 305 km2 (118 sq mi)
Shuklaphanta National Park Tour with Apex Asia Holidays - South Western Nepal

A deer in Shuklaphata National Park

Banke National Park – 550 km2 (210 sq mi)
Royal Bengal Tiger in Banke National Park - South Western Nepal

Royal Bengal Tiger in Banke National Park

Api Nampa Conservation Area – 1,903 km2 (735 sq mi)
Api Nampa National Park Trek with Apex Asia Holidays- Far western Nepal

Api Himal- Api Nampa National Park