Kosher Holidays

Kosher Holidays

Kosher Holidays

Kosher holidays is the holidays based on the Jews traditions. Kosher is a term that describes a meal that complies with the strict dietary standards of traditional Jewish law. Jews people keep kosher more than just for health. It is about adherence to religious tradition.

Here we are maintaining the vacation with the standard and under the Jews’ rule. Each trip is under the Jew’s religious traditions, and the guide will work as a mashgiach. Our experienced guide will help you during the tour program. We concentrate on the meal, best accommodation, and Saturday. While making the trip itinerary, we endeavor to best zone for the SABBAT – Saturday. We carry the meals from the city, in case of not available.

Generally, we operate two activities as a kosher holidays: Jews Trek and Jews Tour. Trekking will run on Everest and Annapurna, and the tours are all over Nepal. Customizing the trips as per the traveler’s interest is always open and flexible. And, if you are relaxing at the tented camp, it would be possible in each region of Nepal.

Kosher Holidays Packages

Find out trips that suits your interests, tastes, and budget.

  • Kosher Tour
  • Kosher Trek

Why travel with apex asia holidays

Since 2015, we have operated unique itineraries and happy trips that are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We focused on the fun factor and challenged you aptly to reach that great feeling of personal accomplishment while enjoying the company of like-minded travelers.

Make your journey fruitful by choosing to travel with a local company. We know each holiday is different. With the guidance of our travel experts and first-hand experience, we can customize every element of your holiday. We create travel packages that transcend our clients’ expectations. We invite you to discover what you’ve been missing. These are some of the difference that makes All-Travel unique.

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Join a small group of like-minded travelers that, like you, are eager to safely and confidently experience all the things that make our world worth exploring.

While traveling in a small group of up to 15 people gives an opportunity of making lifelong friendships. We can appreciate more intimate, personal connections, share experiences, and cherish memories.

Local Guides

We employ all local guides and porters because of their local knowledge expertise. They can deliver first-hand information to our valuable clients. And trekking in High Himalayas, the local guides and porters can lead you even in the extreme weather and conditions. In addition, we aim to employ the local guides to enhance their skill and empowerment them. We are always concerned about the local community to improve and support them through tourism.

Health and Saftey

Your safety is our top priority. Our trained and experienced team is always concerned with providing fresh and hygienic food, keeping First Aid, 24/7 communication services, and more. Before commencing the trek or tour, we always make sure whether the clients have good enough equipment, clothes or not.

Responsible for Tourism

Responsible tourism is significantly important because it becomes the responsibility of each individual in the tourism industry. Our dependency is on the existing environment we talk about business or livelihood. We focused on our policy to organize outdoor packages that leave less carbon footprint as possible.

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